I am a first year MS/PhD student in the College of Information and Computer Sciences at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. My interests are in continual learning, a branch of Artificial Intelligence, which aims at teaching machines new concepts over time. My work is concentrated around the intersection of deep learning, reinforcement learning, and online optimization. I enjoy looking out for inspirations from neuroscience as well.

I graduated from VIT University in 2017 with Bachelors in Computer Science and Engineering. I did my undergrad research project at IIT-Madras under the amazing guidance of Prof. B. Ravindran. In my Junior year, I had wonderful opportunities as an intern to conduct research at Defence Research and Development Organization(IRDE, DRDO) under Dr. J.P. Singh and later at University of Technology, Troyes, France with Prof. Babiga Birregah. As a sophomore, I was part of a great initiative by University of California and Stanford: Aspiring Researcher’s Challenge, where I was guided by Prof. James Davis, UCSC and Rajan Vaish, postdoc, Stanford.


talk_lifelong Life-long learning, avoiding catastrophic forgetting in Neural Netowrks.
Lab talk at IIT-Madras, 2017. Slides