About Me

I’m a third year MS/PhD student at the University of Massachusetts. I am also a member of the Autonomous Learning Lab (ALL) and am fortunate to be advised by Prof. Philip Thomas. My primary interest is in continual learning, a branch of Artificial Intelligence, which aims at teaching machines new concepts over time. My research is mostly at the intersection of reinforcement learning, optimization, and machine learning. I enjoy reading and looking out for inspirations from neuroscience as well.

I completed my B.Tech in Computer Science at VIT University in 2017, where Prof. Nithya Darisini was my mentor. I was also fortunate to spend most of my senior year at IIT-Madras under the guidance of Prof. B. Ravindran. In my junior year, I had great learning experiences at the Indian Defence Research and Development Organization(IRDE, DRDO) under Dr. J.P. Singh and later at the University of Technology, Troyes, France under Prof. Babiga Birregah. During my sophomore days, I was introduced to machine learning research by Prof. James Davis and Rajan Vaish through Aspiring Researcher Challenge, a large-scale research initiative by professors from the Univ. of California and Stanford. Before that, I was a national level basketball player in India and used to play all day everyday.